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    Regular Health check-ups are important for adults and children alike. Through careful examination and a series of tests, our doctors can identify potential health problems.

    Many silent conditions originate in childhood and can lead to more serious health problems when carried uncorrected into adulthood. When diagnosed during childhood however they can mostly be corrected and prevented.

    Through health screening, healthy eating and regular physical activity you can help your child to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will benefit him for all his life.

    Why choose health check-up packages for your child at HFH?

    • Health check packages for children are specifically designed to address every important developmental stage of your child.
    • New facility with state-of-the-art equipment ensures optimal care for all children.
    • An experienced team of dedicated doctors and nurses delivers the highest quality care for your child. 
    • We follow international guidelines for the use of antibiotics and other medication

    Choose the best international standard quality care for your precious child with one of HFH's new health check-up packages. 

    Details of services

    Below 2 yrs

    2 to 6 yrs

    6 to 12 yrs

    Over 12 yrs

    To evaluate physical development, early detection of malnutrition or obesity


    To detect puberty, pre-puberty and disorders of puberty


    For early detection of potential harmful conditions: allergy, high blood pressure, anemia, etc


    To evaluate mental and motor development


    For early detection of mental disorders




    Nutrition for children at weaning age


    Nutrition for children at pre-puberty


    Detection of oral conditions: caries, gingivitis, teeth abnormalities, etc


    Detection of strabismus


    Detection of color vision deficiency


    Refractive errors (vision acuity)


    Full blood count: to detect anemia and potential problems of blood cells


    Iron, ferritin: To detect nutritional anemia


    Hepatitis B: HBsAg, HBsAb


    Hepatitis C: HCV


    Ionized Calcium, ALP: To detect bone disorders


    Vitamin D




    Abdominal ultrasound


    Urine analysis (dipstick)


    Residues in stool


    Child health check up packages


    Other benefits 

    Surcharge will apply for consultation with other specialists, further investigations, additional tests and examinations if required recommended by the pediatrician (at 20% discount on normal fees). This benefit discount does not apply in conjunction with other discounted programs or packages.