Last Wednesday, I had thyroid surgery at the hospital and now I have fully recovered thanks to the attentive medical care at the hospital.

This is the first time I have used the service at the hospital and I am completely assured and satisfied with the experience of surgery and stay here.

The hospital gave me a gentle surgical experience, dedicated care that made it possible for a shy patient like me to go through the surgery with ease. In the recovery room as well as in the ward, although there was no family to take care of me, I still recovered very quickly because the team was wonderful, kind gentle, friendly, caring. Was given great care!

Wishing all doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital are always healthy and happy. Continue to have fresh energy to serve other patients. Especially, I would like to thank the surgical team of Dr. Mai Van Sam, the anesthesiologist, the re-examination doctor, the nurses (I only remember Ms. Thom), the hygienists, the kitchen team… I wish your company every success in the future.

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Ms. Nguyen Minh Ha
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